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"Its not a matter of whether the global civilisation built on egalitarian modernity will collapse, but when this will happen" - Guillaume Faye

Europa stands in front a disaster. The colonisation of the Northern hemisphere by races from the global South appears to be a flood that will never end. We stand in front of a true historical cataclysm, by the steady growth of drug use, hostile violence and criminality. European families disintegrate and there will follow a mass poverty while Europa collapses under the weight of its old people and its uncotrolled immigration of unskilled, low intelligent populations from the global South.

The French thinker Guillaume Faye has described what he calls the convergence of catastrophe, which is the fall and destruction of modernity and the present civilisation. He describes the following lines of catastrophe, which is clearly evident within present moment:

i) Canceration of the European social fabric
ii) Economic and demographic crisis
iii) Chaos of the global South
iv) World financial crisis
v) The rise of fanatical religious cults, principally Islam
vi) A confrontation between the North and the South
vii) Uncontrolled increase of pollution and the collapse of the environment

Faye sees that these mini-catastrophes reinforce one another, multiplying into one global mega- catastrophe. This total catastrophe is inevitable as long as we follow this path of our own dissolution by the means of self-destruction. The convergence of these factors in the globalised and rottening civilisation predicts the destruction of the old Aeon and the rise of the new one. The signs of the convergence show that we must prepare ourselves for the crash. When it comes it will come quickly and brutal, like a house of cards that falls and then our social masks will fall to the ground and expose the animal within. We must prepare for war. We must prepare and seed for that which is following, which is rejuvenation of the spiritual ideals, hidden within our holy blood.

People will try to oppose this coming cataclysm. People will try to escape this unavoidable downfall by believing in miracles and in humanitarian illusion that a permissive society will not produce a social jungle, believing 'the storm will never come' and in the autosuggestion of optimism. In this process, however, democracy is the aggravating factor, since it removes any authority that can show action when the storm appears. All signs are there and the crash will be bloody. The European Union will implode and there will be a civil war between the races. Only those prepared will survive.

The downfall is inevitable and cannot be escaped. This is the cycle of history: to rise, bloom and fall. Every system is unstable and every civilisation is doomed to die, like everything in this world. What we see now is that the level of pace is rapid and the crash will come quickly. We are certainly within the ending phase. The winter phase. "That which is falling should also be pushed", these words by Friedrich Nietzsche, show us how to act standing in front of the convergence. This Aeon needs to end. Modernity must fall heavily and we take upon us to push this world to its end in order to present a perennial spritual truth to rise and prevail from the ashes. The Black Order calls to prepare for the convergence, to instigate the Ragnarök of modernity. The forces will fall, scattered on the ground like a house of cards.

From the ashes we rise!

"Never mind how bloody the final crash may be! Never mind what old treasures may perish for ever in the redeeming conflaguration! The sooner it comes the better. We are waiting for it – and for the following glory – confident in the divinely cyclical Law that that governs all manifestations of existence in Time: the law of Eternal Return."
- Savitri Devi