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The 'Sinister' means the energising principle of Cosmos, that which through destruction overcomes stagnation and stasis. This is the principle of change, which initiated with the spark that lights up the world, being the 'Morning Star' and dawn of intelligence. By separating oneself from the bonds of imagined and material reality, one becomes the adversary, as it is the adversary that will cross the path of dangers in order to stand free and godlike. It is the adversary that finds freedom among the peaks because he distinguishes himself apart from others and finds his own freedom. The antinomian forms of spiritual practice will, through hardship and self-destruction/self-recreation, lead towards the realisation of inner self by individuation.

The Sinister Tradition could be understood in two different forms. One is that which is relevant in the opposition, traditionally against Christianity. This is the blasphemous form that is determined to conduct a war against those principles that reject the instincts that urge conquest, vitality, knowledge and power, a war against the static and unheroic. This is not a limited struggle. Traditionally, this war has focused on Christendom, because this has been the status quo of the past. In our society this dominance is no longer absolute, instead the forces embracing the values that are the antithesis of the Sinister creed, are found elsewhere and more so in the political and social structures of present society. The other form of Sinister Tradition is the exploration and embracing and becoming of the 'Dark Gods' dwelling in the 'hidden' realm, the Acausal. These Dark Gods are integral to Nature and our own beings, as consciousness itself and the evolutionary manifestation of the primal. This is the development of the individual, both by mind and body, which stretches to the development of actual divine beings. This later form will be understood as the 'Sinister Dialectics'.

The Sinister Tradition is not a religion by its regular, mundane meaning, nor is it a mere philosophy of how to live and comprehend life, its reasons and meaning. It is beyond both of these perspectives. It does in fact remain anti-religious in the way it does not accept a submissive worship to any form of authority. Instead it is the human presence of the Sinister personified. It is the acceptance of the necessity of change and the realities of factors which lead to change and evolution: struggle, war, creativity, individual genius and defiance. It demands study and self-awareness, not blind worship. It realises the undeveloped potential within, the spark, which needs to be enlightened. This hidden flame is a Black Light, represented as our instinct and force, both of the angelic and the demonic, as through this conjunction found in the Sinister, our potential is revealed for what it is. We could by this realisation become self-aware and thus extend the self in order to cross the abyss of fear.

It is a fundamental axiom of Sinister philosophy, that individual beings possess the potential to be divine. To exist is to become or to submit. This is a constant and hard 'Triumph of the Will', embodied within the struggle to become beyond the human existence. The Sinister Path is the path towards insight, self-understanding and self-knowledge. This path involves taking the body and the mind towards the limits of endurance. It also demands experiences trespassing on moral limits, and to master feelings, desires, pains and terrors. It must trespass on the borders of that which is legal and accepted (thus antinomian), as each individual must be able to conquer their own weakness, and this path will not accept failures, but weed out those unable to venture forth. Thus, it is the path of ruthlessness. It is the ruthlessness of the tangible goal, the ruthlessness of insight. By this it is strengthening, illuminating, evolutionary and elitist. It is the presence of the Darkness among us and within each individual. Those who follow the Sinister Path recognise the dark, entropic force of Nature, the cyclic ebb (Wyrd) and flow of history, and the creative act of destruction.

To experience real existence, through the Darkness of Self, is to venture into the unknown, the hidden and the Occult. This is a test of being, proving the essence of the potential becoming. The Sinister Path is demanding, and must be so, in order to remove the weaker elements, which are only attracted to the Darkness, but fail to accept, endure and comprehend it. It requires personal action and the acceptance of real challenges and dangers. Those who are not recognised as worthy individuals will sooner or later fail by creeping back to a more suitable presence or fall into the abyss of madness. This path requires discipline.

The Sinister Path is elitist. It does not compromise, as it is both defiance and challenging. By building character through hardship and crossing boundaries, it selects the few who are willing to improve and go further. Thus, it is a natural selection. This is not suitable for a majority of people, and the majority should not attempt to undergo changes in order to be or become publicly approved. This will ultimately lead towards a compromise with the common, the static and will only lead to the destruction of the initial struggle. All work that lacks determination, will fail because of the impotency shaped by the fear of the individual. It is only a few that would be able to endure true self-awareness, as it would be next to the borders of madness. This path requires the triumph of the individual freedom and will. This should not be confused with the artificial freedom experienced in this society, as offered by political or religious systems. It is not a freedom to live in denial, through lies such as 'everyone is born equal' or to embrace one's own degenerate deviations. Ultimate reality proves the fact of inequality. As the Sinister Path is rooted in the reality of experience, it must accept the fact of inequality and discrimination. It must accept natural hierarchy, as it is the reflection of Nature and the Numinous.

One of the main goals with the Sinister Path must be to create an amount of superior and noble beings, superior races as well as the creation of a new reality, which is born from these few noble individuals. Humanity and society must evolve and continue to do so. It must follow through their individual and racial destinies, through inner flame and potential or become static and succumb. This path is both about the individual transmutation, and also about the transmutation of race and civilisation, about changing reality towards that which Wyrd calls for.